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Books for Sale

Below is the list of books currently available for sale at HCP. Prices do not include tax. To purchase a book, please stop by HCP during Gallery Hours or call 713.529.4755.


Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea’s third book is an amalgam of photographs and drawings. Though the artist no longer uses himself as a model, he continues to use the motifs of his earlier work. 11 x 14 Inches, 100 Four-color Plates, 188 Pages 

Anthony Goicolea
Anthony Goicolea

Across the specific differences among Goicolea’s works, the artist tirelessly excavates human weakness, awkwardness, and discomfort. Toward the end, he returns again and again to his themes of adolescent sexuality, unflinching self-exploration, and the never-ending contest between victims and victimizers. We are torn between the desire to witness these strivers and underdogs evolve gloriously into calm, powerful grown-ups and wanting to observe the Peter Pans as they play out the piercing struggles of adolescence - such apt metaphors for the rest of life’s battles - into eternity. 9 x 13 Inches, 100 Four-color Plates, 160 Pages

Anthony Goicolea 

The sense of foreboding tinged with playful fantasy characteristic of many of my photographs is mimicked in a suite of complex figurative line drawings on mylar. Androgynous figures of indeterminate age float on top of and through each other in a layered composition separated by planes of Plexiglas and semi-opaque vellum paper. The ghostlike figures are caught in free-floating, awkward, transitional states: sometimes their images are doubled; sometimes they seem like as much animal as human. 10 x 12 Inches , 35 Full Color Drawings Plates, 64 Pages



Mike Marvins
Texas' Big Bend: A Photographic Adventure

Texas' Big Bend: A Photographic Adventure is a comprehensive photographic study of the Big Bend region, Texas' Big Bend presents a stunning area of the nation in a manner that lifts it up to an artistic experience, recreating the feeling many people have when they first encounter the natural beauty of the area. These interpretive photographs take the viewer more deeply into the magic of Big Bend than previous guidebook/panorama-type books have.

Sally Gall
The Water's Edge
$25, signed copies available

The Water's Edge: photographs about the sensuality of water and the edge between water and earth, liquid and solid. This book includes black and white photographs. Gall's first monograph presents a magnificent selection of landscape photographs spanning seventeen years. The landscape sites range from Brazil to Indonesia, New England to Hawaii. All are unified by Sally Gall's transforming vision of nature.

Shai Kramer
Infected Landscapes

Infected Landscape by Israeli photographer Shai Kremer is a searing portrait of the military disfiguration of the landscape of Israel. The accumulation of ruins and military remnants is an important part of what defines the Israeli landscape today – wounds in the landscape that correspond to the wounds in the Israeli collective consciousness. 

O. Rufus Lovett
Kilgore Rangerettes
$50, signed by artist

Lovett's interpretive photo essay of the Kilgore Rangerettes in his recently published book, expresses his fascination with “the glamour of the Rangerettes’ performances juxtaposed with the small-town atmosphere, football turf, metal bleachers, chain-link fences, and asphalt and concrete environment.” In Lovett’s masterfully composed photographs, the Rangerette performances captivate with their multiplicity of “shapes, patterns, and designs.”

O. Rufus Lovett
Weeping Mary
$45, signed by artist

In this book, O. Rufus Lovett presents an eloquent photo essay on Weeping Mary, created in the tradition of such master photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, and Helen Levitt. Focusing on the people of the community, especially the children, Lovett photographs with honesty and a deep empathy for his subjects. His beautifully composed images show a true eye for the telling details through which the character of an individual reveals itself. As a collection, the photographs create a portrait of a community rich in spirit, in which people are "married to this place which is theirs and appears to stand still, but which subtly moves forward with the rest of the world in the twenty-first century."

Peter Brown and Kent Haruf
West of Last Chance
$50, signed copies available

In a unique collaboration, West of Last Chance brings together celebrated photographer Peter Brown's haunting photographs of the high plains, interspersed with award-winning author Kent Haruf's narratives of the people who live there. The result is a profound visual/verbal dialogue of short prose pieces and large-format colour images that draw the reader to this sometimes brutal and incredibly beautiful part of America. Awarded the Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University for this project in 2005, the authors write: "Our interest in this part of the world is contemporary but also includes its history and a mix of stories that have passed down over the years, stories that resonate with the land in interesting ways."

Collaborations V
SPRAWL and The Red Chair Project 

An exhibition catalog of the work produced during Collaborations V. 
SPAWL represents all that Houston encompasses. The students involved in this photography program are from the different areas of Houston, represent the different people of Houston, and present different visions of Houston. The main theme for this year’s project, Sprawl, is the result of this union. The Red Chair Project is a collaborative project the students created to highlight their unique visions by using the same object to interpret into their own photographic image. Information about HCP's
Collaborations program and other outreach programs is available in the Workshop & Courses section of the website.

Jeff Liao
Habitat 7

A Limited Edition Artist Book!
One of the main arteries between Queens and Manhattan is the IRT "7" subway and rail line. Jeff Liao lives along this route, and takes the train every day. Over the course of many journeys, he has developed a connection with his fellow passengers, many of them fellow immigrants who, he believes, share his dream of a better life in America. His technique is as breathtaking as the pictures he produces, and is described in greater detail in the essays by Anne Wilkes Tucker and Tom Finkelpearl. Habitat 7 is Liao's first monograph. It is limited to 500 numbered and signed copies.

Sage Sohier
Perfectible Worlds

Sohier photographs open a window onto the marvelous, onto what surrealist artist and author Andre Breton called the fabric of adorable improbabilities: a world of adult fairy tales in which fear, the attraction of the unusual, change, (and) the taste for things extravagant appear in surprising forms.

Mary Virginia Swanson
The Business of Photography: Principles and Practices

A must have for the up and coming photographer!
This updated edition has expanded information on fundraising for your personal projects, the art market today, licensing images for book jackets, multimedia and your marketing, exhibition proposals, digital resources and more.

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