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Collaborations V

Collaborations V is an exhibition collectively planned and executed by high school photography students from the Houston area. The work on view in Galleried X&Y are the participants vision of SPRAWL. The Red Chair Project, on view in the Learning Center Gallery, is a collective effort by the participants to photograph the same object in their own style.

Participating schools
The Kinkaid School
St. John´s School
Bellaire High School
Jack Yates High School
Lamar High School
Reagan High School
Episcopal High School
Jersey Village High School

Participants include:
Caitlin Brown
Carolyn Burnett
Andrew Cooke
Cameron Cuming
Chantal Fernandez
Josh Haunschild
Boris Karash
Edgar Lira
Ciara Morgan
Katie Neustaedter
Diego Olvera
Charlie Pearce
Celeste Pizzini
Roy Rodriguez
Kirby Squires
Alessandra Urso
Ryan Vasquez
Emily Yandell

By definition, sprawl is the scattered, unplanned, and unchecked expansion of a town or city. Houston is sprawl. Houston is a city of no zoning, a city that has streets that change names multiple times, a city that takes more than an hour to drive across, a city that is constantly under construction to make room for new growth.

Within this city and its ever-expanding borders is a landscape of diversity, both in population and geography. The people of Houston vary widely in ethnicity, economic background, age, and lifestyle, making Houston a vast melting pot. It is a collection of cultures, a population of immigrants from the east coast to the Far East, and contains new arrivals to tenth generation natives. The geography of this sprawling city covers everything from architecturally renowned skyscrapers and mansions with manicured lawns, to forested parks and empty weed-filled lots. The consistent factor in Houston is the hot, humid summer.

Houston has been called a lot of things - Bayou City, Clutch City, Oil Capital of the World, Space City, H-town - all different yet fitting names for this diverse and ever expanding city. Houston has been growing up and growing out ever since it was founded. It is a city of constant development, a city of sprawl.

Collaborations V represents all that Houston encompasses. The students involved in this photography program are from the different areas of Houston, represent the different people of Houston, and present different visions of Houston. The main theme for this year´s project, Sprawl, is the result of this union. The students´ photos are a look into their lives, their visions, and their city. From landscapes to portraits, the students investigate every aspect of Houston through the eye of the camera. Each student brings to this volume a unique interpretation and representation of the diverse city he or she calls home.
- Rachel Hewlett

Essentially, the goal of any student of photography is to reach towards the impossible; to understand this infinite medium and ultimately contribute somehow to the advancement of its purpose. We in Collaborations V set out to raise the bar for both amateur and professional photographers alike and to acknowledge the surroundings that inspired us. Since we are people of Houston, the main theme for Collaborations V was obvious in that nowhere else could we as artists portray the depth of our imaginations except through the vast expanse of this great city. Sprawl allowed us as student photographers to examine our hometown and provide our personal, hands-on account of the diverse spread of Houston. Whether it is the high-end skyscrapers which tower over our city or the nearly forgotten lush forested areas hidden away on the outskirts of town, Houston undoubtedly represents the never-ending change which takes place in our lives and in our ever-growing work.
- Emily Yandell

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